"Foundations of common Europe"

work placement in a building & construction sector, Germany

Leonardo Da Vinci Programme 2000 - 2006

The Leonardo da Vinci (LdV) is one of the three education programmes of the European Union implemented in Poland which contribute to the implementation of its vocational education and training policy. The overriding aim of the programme is to promote activities focused on upgrading the quality of VET systems and adapting the system of education to the labour market needs. The programme provides a framework for transnational cooperation in the sphere of raising quality, fostering innovation and promoting a European dimension in vocational education and training systems, approaches and practices.


These projects are aimed to promote international mobility of those who participate in vocational training schemes. In particular, they focus on the organization of training programmes which facilitate vocational development. The main assumption underlying mobility projects is the combination of theory and practice and, as a result, strengthening the linkage between the world of education and that of work (www.bkkk-cofund.org.pl).

Project details

The project "Foundations of common Europe" targeted the unemployed registered in District Labour Office in Siemianowice Šl±skie, who were under the 30 years of age and interested in participating in a foreign placement. The beneficiaries of this project were persons without professional qualifications, with qualifications not adjusted to the labour market requirements and graduates of vocational schools without work experience.

Project was designed for two groups, together 27 participants. Each group began the project with one month of pedagogical-language preparatory course. During the language course beneficiaries got to know not only the general language but also professional vocabulary, including meeting with the psychologist on conditions of living and working abroad. After this preparatory course participants went for a three months placement to Germany which was hosted by our project partner - Berufsbildungsverein Eberswalde e.V. The first group was trained as general construction workers and the second one as building carpenters. The placement began with theoretical classes, which were held in the partner's school, then beneficiaries started the practical part of the placement. The work experience was adjusted to beneficiaries' education level and skills.

Projects value
45.570 € Leonardo da Vinci cofinansing: 38.700 €